My artwork seeks beauty in the unseen, neglected, and abandoned. I work with trash, bugs, and marginalized groups of people, and aim to give them monumentality. I'm constantly digging for overlooked nuggets. The beautiful and the unblemished don't interest me.
My main medium is photography, though I often incorporate other media, such as sculpture, animation, and woodwork. Very early I discovered that photography is my way of expressing concepts. Perhaps because I have dyslexia, visual languages came easily to me.
I’m currently dividing my time between New York City and the Delaware Water Gap, where I have my art studio. Living in nature and unconstrained space has freed me to explore more three-dimensional aspects of my work.
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1972 and moved to New York City in 1999. I spent thirty years as a commercial photographer and have worked as a teaching artist for the last six years.
I’m an autodidact, but recently formalized my education by getting a BA in Visual Arts at SUNY Empire State. My work was featured in many gallery and museum exhibitions. My most recent show was “Perspectives” at the Hudson Gallery in New York City. My commercial work has received accolades in São Paulo and New York and appeared in major publications.
+1 (917) 528 7214
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