I photographed the bugs during the boredom and loneliness of being a new mother confined in a New York City apartment. These invisible and tiny bugs that live all around us became my company. I would take several pictures of the same bug using a macro lens. This meant I had to be very close to the bug with my lenses almost touching it. At the beginning, the bugs would act a little apprehensive and they would try to get away from the camera. After a few clicks the bugs would realize that I was not a threat and start acting as if it were posing for me. They were a lot like a person doing head shots. I realized that the bugs are very aware of the environment and that they are much more aware of us than we are of them. Even the tiniest bug would react to noises in the environment. If my son would cry, the bug would turn its head toward the noise. I was fascinated by the beauty and the amazing detail of this invisible world. I discovered that flies have hairs on their tongues, ants have hair for teeth and mosquitos have lice. To accentuate this beauty I used saturated solid color backgrounds.
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